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Friday, January 28, 2022

Small Business Saturday Sees Massive Turnout

The 12th Annual Small Business Saturday saw a massive turnout of shoppers in Austin, Texas– despite there being predictions of rain. This would definitely serve as a big boost to businesses as the pandemic has really brought them under massive trouble. Prima Dora owner, Alan Barnette, mentioned that things were really hard after the pandemic, and most of them weren’t even sure if they would survive the storm.

But with the turnout, the gift shop did manage to see quite a slow start to the day due to rain but business did pick up pretty fast after that. Barnette claimed that this wasn’t even the busiest day of the year. 

Small Business Saturday Scores A Hit

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Barnette then spoke about how Small Business Saturday was simply about taking care of the artists that were in town. Everyone looked out for each other’s interests, which would help in the development of the community as a whole. As we know, small businesses are the foundational backbone of any country.

A recent survey that took place under American Express, the founder of this event, stated that it was even more critical that people went local this year. Close to 78% of businesses have stated that holiday sales would be impacting the ability to keep their doors open for next year as well. 

Felice Silverberg, one of the customers at Small Business Saturday spoke about how she knew the importance of shopping at a small business as she owned a small business herself. When they saw the massive turnout at Austin, they were naturally quite elated to see other individuals supporting local businesses. 

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Most of the local businesses were quite nervous about how Small Business Saturday would fare. At Uncommon Objects, Daniel Schmidt, the manager stated that times had been quite tough for them after so many businesses had to be shut down. 

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