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Solana Gets Hit By DDoS Attack

The performance of the blockchain of Solana was debilitated with the altcoin getting hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack over the last 24 hours. However, there is a silver lining for the consumers as the network seems to have remained online throughout the entire debacle.

An attack of DDoS is usually referred to a large number of uncoordinated botnets, or devices overwhelming traffic which is usually fake to take it offline. Incidentally, this wouldn’t really be the first time that SOL went through this issue, with Cointelegraph stating that the network went on to suffer an outage of 17 hours in September, due to mass botting activity for an IDO. 

Solana Hit Hard By Attack Despite A Projection Of Normalcy

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The latest attack of DDoS was highlighted by the nonfungible token platform Blockasset- based on Solana- at around 3 pm UTC, after it was noted that the company was quite aware that they were going through multiple delays. The chain of the altcoin was, at that point, being overloaded with the attacks which caused the network to get clogged- causing delays. 

GenesysGo, the infrastructure firm based on Solana, also went on to report on the matter- where it stated that the validating network was going through a few issues while processing the requests for transactions, but it also called for calm as the problem was then attributed to the growing pains in the system. Currently, there isn’t much transparency about the Foundation publicly confirming any of the attacks, while other blockchains have been showing that the network did not suffer any outages. 

Several media outlets have been reaching out to the multiple developers of Solana in order to find out more about the attack. And according to data from CoinGecko, the price of the altcoin did dip by 6.4% over the last 24 hours. 

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