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Solana Looks To Consolidate

Solana has been one of the most prominent crypto companies. They have quickly emerged as a crypto powerhouse in recent years. The company has recently shared its plans going into the future. The company said that the engineers are looking for solutions to tackle unwanted bugs in their system. The company network suffered significant outages quite a number of times in the current year. The crypto giant encountered its fifth network crash recently. The crash was said to have been caused by the durable nonce transaction bug. However, the company happily stated that the engineers have successfully gotten rid of the bugs that were creating the problem.

The most recent disturbance was caused on 1st June. The disturbance caused the block to stop functioning for almost four hours. Solana has promised their investors that they will be implying a durable nonce transaction. The transaction is said to be secure and one cannot process it unless mitigation has been applied. The company has also explained the term durable nonce transaction in detail. It refers to a special type of transaction that will not expire, unlike a normal one. In the case of a normal transaction, the link expires after a waiting period of two minutes. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

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Solana Promises To Network Bug 

Solana has promised its investors that it will be fixing all the bugs in its system. The outage of its network has caused the company to lose a significant amount of money. 

After the incident of 1st June, the price of SOL dropped by a whopping percentage of 13.9%.  The recent price status of the company is estimated at $39.08. 

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