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Stimulus Check 2022- Some Citizens Might Not Be Seeing Their Payments For Inflation

Recently, the state of California passed a stimulus check package that would be helping the residents offset their inflation costs- but currently, it appears as if some of the citizens would be excluded from the payments.

Most of the individuals that filed for their tax returns back in 2020 would be seeing a payment of $1,050. This does imply that if one didn’t end up filing their tax return before the deadline, they would not be qualifying for the payment. Interestingly, most individuals don’t actually make a high enough income that would see them being required legally to file for their income taxes. This further entails that most people who are in dire need of the stimulus money won’t actually be qualifying for it. As reported by the Sacramento Bee, if one did not file their tax payments when they were supposed to, it is quite late to qualify for these payments.

Stimulus Check payments in California 

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Therefore, one can assume that most of the individuals who would actually be receiving the stimulus check payments are simply middle class. Fortunately, quite a large section of the population did go ahead and file their tax returns with the state even if they did not need to in order to receive the stimulus payments. As it stands, there are a few requirements that one would need to meet in order to qualify for a stimulus payment. Firstly, the individual needs to be a resident of the state for around six months in 2020 as well as the time when the payment will be issued. The individual or group of individuals would also have to meet the AGI tiers

In order to receive the stimulus check payments, the tax return of 2020 should be filed latest by the 15th of October, 2022. In the end, one cannot simply claim as a dependent for someone else for the tax year of 2020. Single filers who have an annual income below $75,000 will be seeing a payment of $350. On the other hand, joint filers who make below $150,000 will be seeing a payment of $700.

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