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Sony PS5 Edition: What’s In The Box?

Are you excited to get your hands on the latest PlayStation 5? Well, so are we. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait a little longer to see which games are available. Until then, let’s take a look at what comes inside the PS5 box and what is the feel of this gaming console. 

What To Expect Inside Your  Sony PS5 Box?

Without any delay, let’s see everything we will find inside our PlayStation box!

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Firstly, there will be Sony’s latest PlayStation console itself. You will also find a DualSense wireless controller, AC power cable, HDMI cable, USB-A cable, USB-B cable, USB-C cable, and the Console stand. 

If we compare this Sony PS5 box with the previous PS4 released in 2013, we can see that the setup is still similar. The major difference is that the PS4 came with a simple headset mic and its cable range only included USB-A to the Micro-USB. With the Sony PS5, gamers will receive updated controllers that have an impact-built mic!

How Are PS5 And PS4 Different?

Sony PS5 Towers Over PS4

The last LS4 stools 11.5-inch tall. Meanwhile, Sony’s latest PlayStation is 16-inch tall. It seems like a general trend that console sizes are getting bigger and bigger. Sony PS5 is bigger than Series X as well. 

Sony PS5
Sony PS5

Sony PS5 Is Designed To To Placed Vertically

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The latest PlayStation released by Sony is designed to be placed vertically. You can still lay it down horizontally, but that will be somewhat difficult given that this console’s bottom and surface are curved. It’s very likely that designers created this design to discourage gamers from putting things on top of the console. 

The plastic stand can be used by gamers to lay the console horizontally. But, the stand only clips loosely to the console and does not really attach itself. So, if you want to move your Sony PS5 around while placing it in a horizontal position, you will have to be extremely careful not to detach the whole thing. 

DualSense Wireless Controller

The latest Sony PS5 controller is such an upgrade that it deserves some praise. The functionality and the design have gotten a huge revamp from its predecessors. 

If we compare it with the controller that comes with Xbox, it’s clear that DualSense Wireless Controller is much more sophisticated. The design is minimalistic, yet bold. It has a retro space future feel to it. 

Some of the major upgrades are the built-in mic, haptic effects, and adaptive triggers. Astro’s playroom also comes preloaded on the Sony PS5 console. The game is mainly there to help gamers test the updated controller out. It’s quite cute looking. Although the graphics are not super great, the new controller is great in feedback and motion control. 

Sony PS5 consoles are coming out soon; are you excited about it?

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