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Sony Unveils New Virtual Production Crystal LED Displays, Similar To Ones Used For The Mandalorian

Sony Electronics, a leading company that manufactures high-end professional and consumer display technology has recently unveiled two of its latest innovations.

The company introduced two new Crystal LED modular direct view display systems. They are named C-Series and B-Series and these Micro LED models will provide an immersive and powerful experience, states Sony. The range is powered by the X1TM processor that is a high-performance image quality processor.

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The company has built these modular high-end technologies keeping an eye towards production uses. What does this mean? The virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is almost here. It is supposed to be the most influential tech event in the world. Sony announced the launch of its modular displays prior to the event with a hint that these Crystal LED direct view designs are aimed at professional implementation including virtual production.

Sony To Follow In The Footsteps Of Epic Games By Creating Modular Display For Movie Sets

This is not new as projects such as The Midnight Sky and The Mandalorian used similar technology during their creation. Epic Games along with Industrial Light & Magic created production sets that are similar to what Sony aims at doing with its last innovation.

Sony’s last tech that uses modular Micro LED panels were earlier marketed to be sold for signage purposes. However, the company is collaborating its Entertainment Unit, Sony Entertainment Pictures to use this fresh modular display to make gigantic displays. This will be done by connecting a number of Micro LED panels and linking them to a controller. This technology will help create a virtual set that can be used in production units.

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Sony’s B-series are the ones to be used in movie sets. They have 1800 nits of brightness. Apple’s highest-end Pro Display XDR maxes out at 1600 nits. Along with this, this range of modular displays will also have anti-reflective coating and can make you feel that you are actually in there which is great for movie sets.

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