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Spanish Rehab Center Says Crypto Addiction A Reality

Crypto addicts, a term coined for people who are entranced by the cryptocurrency trading world, are exhibiting every symptom of addiction. Crypto addicts have admitted to sleeping fitfully and waking up frequently to check out prices and their portfolio balance. And as the affliction takes on alarming proportions, the Spanish rehab center offers a solution to the downward spiral.

Any chance of not being able to gain access to the internet would become a painful process. People afflicted by the syndrome have sought help and the solution has come through a month’s stay at the sprawling Spanish rehab center, The Balance, boasting dozens of attendants and other staff on Majorca, an island in Spain.

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The crypto addicts who check in for treatment live mostly in private villas and are looked after by a personal chef and butler. The treatment comprises massages, therapy, bike rides, yoga, and a host of other forms of treatment. All come for a hefty package starting at $75,000. This Spanish rehab center was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, and has spread out to London and this Spanish island.

Despite Growing Interest, Critic Says Cure At The Spanish Rehab Center Is A Waste Of Money

The center’s landing page sports a beachfront luxury villa, a spa, and effusive testimonials from cured clients. The Spanish rehab center has in its treatment program a cure for burnout, anxiety, stress, eating-related disorders, and post-traumatic disorders. The stint at the Spanish rehab center helps to wean off crypto addiction.

Of late there has been a spurt in the perennially volatile cryptocurrency market due to the pandemic. Digital currencies have witnessed a frenzy in trading. And with it, cryptocurrency addiction is also on the rise.

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Any de-addiction points such as the Spanish rehab center offer treatment for crypto addiction. In addition, these rehab centers also offer a cure for conventional addictions such as alcohol and narcotic addiction, and eating disorders.

Such centers claim they have been flooded with hundreds of queries within the past couple of years. But de-addiction specialists say that they are not sure whether at this stage crypto trading merits such expensive intervention.

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