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Monday, October 25, 2021

SPCE Has Been Testing its Test Flight Used For Commercial Services

Friday marks the reopening of the window for SPCE to test out its first powered flight- as the space tourism company is looking to elevate the standards of space travel. Incidentally, the stocks of SPCE had fallen after reaching extreme highs. The test by SPCE is going to complete data gathering for the final two categories of validation and verification. If authenticated, this will allow the commercial flights to start from SpaceShipTwo. The flight has also been said to include payloads for revenue generation- something that belongs to the NASA flight program. 

The company, on Wednesday, spoke about how it had installed the payloads delivered by NASA into the space cabin. This flight would see the pilots pitching their spaceship at an angle of 270 degrees- after it boosts the payloads with some extra time to collect data. SPCE had to delay their original test window that was fixed on November 19-23 as coronavirus cases spiked up in New Mexico. The CEO of Virgin Galactic went ahead and mentioned how the company was still experiencing cost inefficiencies and scheduling costs due to this pandemic. He further explained that these problems might leak to 2021. 

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But, how the delay is being caused by coronavirus is still unclear- for the company had previously mentioned that they would be starting their first service in Q1 with Branson on it. 

Commercial Hopes Lift Virgin Galactic (SPCE) Stock 

The shares of SPCE fell down by 2.7% on the stock market day. The stock had been rallying at 8% for the week, and close to 17% for the entire month. 

Just last month, the shares had been clearing an entry of 27.65, but then went into overdrive to hit the range of profit. It is to be mentioned that the shares of Boeing had gone flat- a company which had invested in SPCE. 

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