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Speculation Of Britney Spears’ Marriage All Over The World

The fans of Britney Spears are super excited and are waiting for a fantastic wedding after she announced her engagement with Sam Asghari. Their engagement took place six months ago and millions of her fans are waiting for the big fat wedding.   

Good News For The Fans Of Britney Spears!    

However, recently on 4th March, Britney Spears posted a picture of her partner, Asghari on his birthday and called him her husband.  In that post on Instagram, she wrote how amazingly hard-working her husband is and that his zeal for life amazes and inspires her. She even stated that she is very lucky that she gets to spend the rest of her life with him. 

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The photo posted by Britney Spears was of her partner, Asghari who was wearing a suit and held his hand open for the camera. Though the photo is stunning and Asghari is looking very handsome; still, fans are getting crazy over the fact that she called him her husband.    

The fans are coming out loud and most of them are shocked by the post. Some asked when they got married and others found it hard to digest such news. This post caused more stir than the incident where Asghari commented that he wants to have no more cake and was requesting Britney to stop feeding him any more cakes. 

All this online conversation between the couple made the media and her fans wonder whether they have secretly got married or not. As per sources, the couple was together since the year 2016 and they gave the news of their engagement after dating each other for a long time. Britney Spears announced her engagement in September 2021 through her social media account. It has been so long that the couple is together and hence rumors of their marriage are getting prevalent on social media platforms. 

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