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Bethenny Frankel Agreed When Spencer Pratt Called Lisa Kudrow The Worst Human Being

Lisa Kudrow is vying for Candace Cameron Bure’s position, so be careful. One month after JoJo Siwa made the “Full House” star the “rudest celebrity [she had] ever met” in a popular TikTok video, Spencer Pratt did the same by criticizing Kudrow.

When Spencer Pratt was asked about the worst celebrity ever met, He called Lisa Kudrow the fan-favorite Phoebe from “Friends.” He said, hands down, Lisa had to be the worst human being he had ever contacted.

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Ever-vocal That’s ridiculous wrote Bethenny Frankel in response to Spencer Pratt’s post. She appeared on my talk show, and I also had a bizarre encounter. He responded to the former star of “Real Housewives of New York City.”

Some followers begged the “Pratt Daddy” podcast presenter to reveal “the narrative behind this,” as they refused to accept that Kudrow could be cruel to anyone. Pratt said he would think about sharing the story if the clip hits a million views.

Spencer Pratt and Bethenny Frankel Agreed That Lisa Kudrow Is The Worst Celebrity They Have Met:

The CEO of Skinnygirl criticized Kim, Kylie, and their famous sisters for using “destructive” Photoshop, calling them “irresponsible” and “reckless.”

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She also believes that women, especially mothers, “can’t match” with the inflated expectations the Hulu stars have set.

Bethenny Frankel Said That the more women and moms see those images, they will think they are real. She added that it becomes a false ideal, and the women feel more insecure about themselves than inspirational or aspirational. It creates eating disorders and depression.

Regarding Siwa, Bure had now expressed regret for shunning the dancer at the “Fuller House” premiere when she was a tween.

Representatives did not immediately answer requests for comments from Page Six for Kudrow, Pratt, and Frankel.

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