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SSI, SSDI And The Stimulus Check: 12 Key Points That You Should Never Miss

The Supplemental Security Income and the Social Security Disability Insurance are the two key support programs from the Social Security Administration. They began receiving their stimulus checks in April, a month later than others, along with the veterans. And here are some key issues that can benefit you if you are under either of these two schemes.

The social security administration’s main focus remains on the most economically vulnerable sections of our society. To this end, the SSA made sure to send the IRS a file of individuals who had not received Form SSA-1099. The SSA has been closely coordinating with the IRS to expedite the economic impact payments to SSDI and SSI beneficiaries.

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This form reveals the total amount of your Social Security benefits for that year, a copy of which is sent to the IRS.

But there are other key issues you should know if you are receiving benefits from either the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration.

Things To Know If You Are A Social Security Beneficiary Or A Veteran

Millions of beneficiaries under these schemes have by now received their stimulus checks. The payments have generally come in on Direct Express cards. Others have got their amount through direct deposit or paper checks in their mail.

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If you are not one of them, here’s how you can track your payment and request a payment trace if necessary.

Social security recipients received their stimulus checks starting April 7 and the veterans a week later. You should have routinely received your stimulus check if you have availed of the Non-Filers app.

These free software programs are used by those who avail certain credits but are not usually required to file returns. The amount could increase if you have dependents.

Any missing amount from the previous stimulus checks issued in 2020 can be claimed only by filing the tax returns for 2020 before the extended cutoff date on May 17. You would need to also file the tax form of 2020 to claim any dependents.

The government is conducting outreach/ programs to help out people ignorant of the schemes.

You can always claim any missing stimulus amount in the next tax season by filing a return, even if you are normally not required to do so.

SSDI, SSI, And Veterans: Awaiting The Next Round Of Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Federal beneficiaries will get their stimulus check automatically if they have filed their latest tax returns or made use of the Non-Filers app.

Payment made through Direct Express cards and direct deposits started on April 7; paper checks were mailed a couple of days later.

Those having an overseas address received their stimulus check between April 21 – 23.

The IRS is sending out checks based on information in its files. If you want to update a piece of information, filing your 2020 returns could be the easiest way.

Still Awaiting Your Stimulus Payment?

The Social Security Administration and the Veteran Affairs will refer you again to the IRS for any issues.

Refer to The Get My Payment tool of the IRS to get details of the payment. You can then decide whether to go for an IRS payment trace.

How Will I Receive My Payment

If you normally receive your Social Security reimbursements through Direct Express cards, you would receive your stimulus payment through the same method. You will be entitled to an extra fee withdrawal plus the normal single withdrawal allowed.

People who do not have a bank account also received their payment through the US postal service by paper check.

Signing Up For The Direct Express Payment

You are free to apply for your monthly federal benefits through the Direct Express system. But signing up now will not guarantee a third stimulus check this year. You will in all probability get your third payment by mail.

Even if you have closed your DE account or if it shows up as inactive, the check will be routed by the IRS through the US postal service. So be sure to let the USPS and the IRS know your current mailing address.

You can contact the representative of Direct Express at 1-800-333-1795 between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT (9 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET). But do not expect them to answer questions on the stimulus check.

Do I Get More Than $1,400? Or Less?

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

People receiving SSDI and SSI benefits will qualify automatically for the third stimulus payment. They only need a SS number and should not be claimed by someone else as a dependent.

Dependents of any age are eligible this time around, unlike in the previous two rounds. They will contribute the same amount to the total.

The payments will be targeted and will phase out rapidly for those earning above $75,000. At $80,000, you will not be entitled to any stimulus check.

The corresponding figures for couples filing jointly are $150,000 and $160,000. For Heads of Families, the figures are $112,500 and $120,000.

Will My Payment Come In Through An Economic Impact Payment Card?

The authorities have revealed that they expect to send out 5 million payments through EIP cards. But Social Security beneficiaries will not receive the next round of stimulus payments through the card.

Guaranteeing The Right Amount For Any Dependents

All dependents, irrespective of age, are eligible for $1,400 max and it goes towards the household’s total amount. But you might have to file the 2020 tax returns to upload the latest details.

Filing your returns early will ensure that you get the stimulus check at the earliest. If you have already received a check, you could be in for a plus-up check based on the revised figures.

How Do I Get A Stimulus Payment If I Have A Representative Payee

If your payment is managed by a representative payee, they should talk over the benefits. They should help you make a plan for the ways to spend the amount. They should also help you with utilizing your payment.

But neither is the payee required to assist you nor are you obligated to turn only to him for assistance in managing the amount.

Your representative payee will receive your EIP in the same account or card as your once-a-month Social Security payment.

Representative payees are not mandated to give a justification for any stimulus check when they finish the annual form.

For People Living Abroad

All social security beneficiaries living outside the US should receive their stimulus check by mail or by direct bank deposit. The payments to the offshore account started on April 21 while paper checks were sent out from April 23.

What If I Have Received Only Part Of My Stimulus Check From The IRS?

You were not mandated to file any tax returns for the first and second stimulus check. If you have any pending amount from those rounds, you will have to file one now. Using a Recovery Rebate along with the 2020 tax returns before the May 17 deadline should help you to claim any pending amount from those two rounds.

Claiming Stimulus Checks For Dependents

If you have availed of the Non-Filers app of the IRS between May 5 and August 5, 2020, you would have automatically received a catch-up check in October last year for all your dependents. If the original payment was through direct bank deposit, the catch-up check should have arrived similarly.

If you have filed for any missing money for your dependents by November 21, 2020, you should have received payments by the end of that year. You will have to file your tax returns for 2020 if you missed that deadline.

Check your IRS account for the position of your and your dependents’ payments for the initial two rounds of stimulus checks.

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