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Starlink: The Satellite Business That Could Make Musk A Trillionaire

Last Thursday saw SpaceX launch close to 48 Starlink satellites into orbit from the coast of Florida, which people could see all the way from Alabama. The streaks of light visible to these residents could very well be the cause behind Elon Musk turning into the world’s first trillionaire, as reported by Morgan Stanley back in October.

Morgan Stanley further went on to predict a base valuation of $100 billion for SpaceX, which was chiefly driven by innovations created inside the satellite. The report stated that although most analysts have been looking at SpaceX as multiple companies held in one, the largest contributor to the base case valuation of $100 billion would be the satellite. 

Starlink can bring broadband internet across the globe

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Starlink is essentially a broadband internet service which would specialize in the expansion of internet connection to remote and rural communities around the globe. It would accomplish this by launching a constellation of other satellites into a low orbit of the Earth through SpaceX rockets.

Elon Musk had previously created a special relationship between the deployments of the satellite along with the launches of SpaceX, where the advancements in either sector would bring in a multitude of benefits for both variants of the business, as reported by Morgan Stanley. 

With SpaceX rockets getting more and more sophisticated, they would be able to handle far larger and more frequent payloads of Starlink satellites. When the satellite would start gaining more customers throughout the globe, it would validate and then circulate the cash back into the rocketry program of SpaceX.

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Regular people would be able to preorder a Starlink Kit that would also include a terminal. The cost would cost $499 with the internet service costing around $99 per month.

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