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Start Affiliate Marketing On Instagram With These 10 Programs

Instagram is where the youth is at. Be it the stories, Reels, of IGTV, Instagram has enough for you to spend hours on it. If you have a solid number of dedicated followers, maybe it is time to consider Instagram affiliate marketing. Sure you can collab with other brands and creators and wait for when they can make a sale to earn a little profit. Or you can go the old and reliable way of affiliate marketing.

The next step after building a good audience base is to monetize your platform. Affiliate marketing gives you the option of investing very little time and effort for pretty good returns! But before you jump into this monetization model, there are some things you ought to keep in mind. Avoid making these 3 mistakes and you’ll have smooth sailing with marketing on Instagram.

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1. Don’t sell non-recurring products

If you plan on going for low-ticket products or non-recurring ones, remember that you will have to conjure up a tremendous volume in order to see some profits. It is far better to find a high-ticket product or service that gives monthly commissions for promotions. Stick to 4-5 of such products and services and keep rotating among them. Your audience will get the impression that you are an expert when it comes to those particular products and this will boost their trust. And trust converts to sales!

2. Don’t sell without proper Instagram affiliate marketing fundamentals

You need to get your basics straight when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you are not sure about the fundamentals, you won’t be able to scale your model correctly. You can take an online course or just do your own research, but make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. A solid knowledge of the fundamentals will help you solidify your Instagram affiliate marketing plan.

3. Don’t sell random one-time products

Your audience knows you and they trust your judgment. If you start promoting random items, that too only for one time each, they will start losing their faith in you. Stick to brands and items you have used and trust. Keep promoting them. Your audience is likely to do their research before they invest. So do you really want to fool them once and lose their following?

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It’s a better plan to promote a selected few items over a period of time. Your audience will take their time so if you promote repeatedly, it will build further trust on their part.

Instagram Marketing

Now, you might wonder, one can monetize their blog and website, but why Instagram? For starters, do you want to miss an extra opportunity of earning from the comfort of your home? With Instagram, you don’t really have to create much content. You have your followers ready and brands usually reach out to you for your influence. 

Marketing on Instagram can come in various forms: you can sell your own art and crafts directly, you can sell your photographs, share sponsored posts, or choose affiliate marketing. While the rest put the onus on you, affiliates don’t have any responsibility per se. You share content created by others, and let your followers do the rest. You are just promoting what a brand wants to show to your followers and that’s it! So here are 10 Instagram Affiliate Marketing programs for you today:

10 Instagram Affiliate Marketing programs 

Amazon Associates

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Probably the best option for marketers who are new to the game. You get the trust and reliability that comes with the giant’s name and the process is extremely easy. You get to choose the products you want to promote from an enormous catalog. Anything that is being sold by Amazon is up for affiliates to promote. 

With the Amazon Associates program, you don’t need to show your website. Their guidelines mention that your account should be public and you should have a minimum of 500 organic followers. The sign up is super simple and fast, and you can just get started from there. Amazon offers up to 10% of each sale you can make via your promotions. You need to create an associate profile on Amazon and it will keep track of all your sales.


awin affiliate ig

AWIN has a network of over 13000 affiliates and advertisers. This established group operates across the globe, while it is mostly focused with European merchants.

AWIN specializes in beauty, sports, fashion, and travel products/ you need to pay a minimal amount to join their program. But you get this amount back once you become a part of the company as a fellow affiliate.


flex offers affiliate

Flexoffers has many affiliate programs that you have the freedom to choose from. You can find your niche products by navigating their sub-categories. You can even refer the program to others and earn a commission for it! 

ShopStyle Collective

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a fashion IGer, this is an easy choice for you! They have a “Looks” feature with which one can create shoppable photos. But the catch with ShopStyle is that they check their affiliates before onboarding. You have to be a proper influencer with enough organic followers to sign up with them.

With this Instagram affiliate marketing option, you will get paid a percentage of each sale. The rate is decided by the company’s Cost per Acquisition Program. 


Instagram marketing

Skimlinks affiliates get to choose from more than 20,000 products to promote on their account. The best part about working with this company is that if you embed a snippet of Javascript on your site, preexisting links will directly convert into affiliate links for you.

Bloggers often go for this company as it helps them with the links, but Instagram peeps also love it for how well it drives traffic to the posts and increases chances of sales.

So here you go! What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and choose one (or multiple) Instagram affiliate marketing companies to collaborate with. It might need some time, but once you get the hang of it, the monetization will seem real easy!

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