State Stimulus Check 2023: Everything You Should Know For The Next Year

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Stimulus Check

In 2020’s March, The economy of America went in complete shutdown in response to the pandemic. However, the federal government went into total shutdown after the COVID pandemic. The federal government has also implemented the series of stimulus check packages to support the companies and their business.

Even though the payments from the government ran out soon, but some states kept sending stimulus check payments to their taxpayers to help them. These programs however ended in 2022 for most of the states, but some of them are still providing the money to help the taxpayers in 2023. Here is a sneak peek at those states that still have the payments going this year.

Stimulus Check Payments In Different States:


The Golden State has provided the most stimulus check programs to their taxpayers. Their relief checks went up to ten-fifty USDs in 2020. They have also distributed most of these payments already. However, the state claimed that these payments will not be completed before 15th January, 2023.The California legislation has also announced 350 USDs and they based their incomes and tax-filing statuses.


The residents of Colorado who filed their taxes in 2021 properly and in time will be getting payment checks of 750 to 1400 US dollars based on their tax filing status. These payments were sent out by 30th September. However, people who filed the extension by 17th October might have to wait a little more for these payments.


As per news, Idaho also approved a stimulus check payment that will be sent out to their taxpayers by the end of March, this year. This amount will be only 10% more than the income tax liability of the taxpayer. This amounts to three hundred dollars for single taxpayers and six hundred for the joint filers.