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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

State Stimulus Checks 2022: Eligibility, Deadlines, And More

While the federal government is not releasing any more stimulus checks to the market, the states are still sending rebates to their residents on taxes.

South Carolina recently became the last state to send rebate checks to its residents last June. Many states have done what South Carolina’s Henry McMaster (the Governor) did in June. With him signing the legislation, the state residents will receive an $800 check in November-December.

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Where the Federal Government have stopped after giving three huge cash injection at the peak of the pandemic due to increasing inflation in the market, almost 17 states are walking in the opposite direction, giving away stimulus checks to their residents as tax rebates.

Some States Providing Stimulus Checks/Tax Rebates:

California: The state lawmakers have agreed with the Governor of the state to allow sending relief checks worth up to $1050 to its residents as tax rebates. They are spending this from their $97billion budget surplus of the economic year. These payments will be credited to the taxpayers’ accounts until early 2023. You can learn more about the eligibility to receive these checks on the website.

Colorado: Colorado has also promised tax rebates to their residents worth up to $1500. They plan to send out $1500 for joint filers and $750 for single tax filers. These amounts are also hoped to be credited to the accounts of the residents by early 2023.

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Georgia: Brian, Kemp, and the Governor have signed legislation that authorized the rebates to the taxpayers filing tax returns for both the 2020 and 2021 economic years. Single taxpayers will receive $250. However, joint filers will receive $500 for the household.

Many other states like Delaware, Idaho, Hawaii, and more have already followed the footsteps of these states by giving rebates to their residents and taxpayers.

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