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State Tax Rebates Stimulus Checks Continue Into The Festive Season

The 2022 tax year is drawing to a close and the Internal Revenue Service has urged taxpayers to take important steps by December to enable them to smoothly get through the 2022 income tax year. this is their second reminder and is designed to help out taxpayers get ready for the forthcoming federal income tax return, 2022. With no stimulus checks in 2022, filing will be simpler this year as compared to the last two years.

Another significant change in this year’s stimulus check is that the IRS will not effect any changes to the taxability of income. Every income, even those from a side job, part-time job, or the sale of goods still stands for income. All income should be included in their declaration unless it has been expressly excluded by law.

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Filers will be receiving their Form 1099-K, third-party network transactions, and payment card by the end of January next year if they have received 3rd party payments in the tax year 2022 for services and goods exceeding $600.

One-Time Stimulus Checks From States

Numerous states have decided to give residents a bonus tax refund stimulus check in 2022 to help them cope with the ongoing inflation that has crossed record figures. The rate of inflation stayed at an average of 8% and above, even crossing the 9% mark in June 2022, the highest since November 1981.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

But as political bickering in Washington stopped further federal stimulus checks in 2022, citizens were desperate for some form of government relief as they struggled to cope with rising prices that affected every product and service in the spectrum from groceries to gasoline. House rent and other expenses also became more expensive.

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In such a situation around 21 states stepped in with stimulus checks of various amounts and in various forms of payment that include debit cards, paper stimulus checks, direct transfer to bank accounts, and tax rebates against income tax that have been paid as advance. State stimulus checks have also been replaced with sales tax waivers on specific goods including gasoline and medicine.

State Stimulus Check Have Continued Into The Last Quarter Of 2022

South Carolina is among the state that started sending out stimulus checks late in the last quarter of 2022. They sent out debit cards, direct deposits, and printed paper checks of up to  $800 starting in October 2022 and are expected to continue through December 2022. The income tax rebates were approved by lawmakers in the states as part of the annual budget of $8.4 billion.

The form of payment will depend on how taxpayers received their 2021 income tax refund. If filers received their 2021 refund by direct deposit, the department of revenue in South Carolina will send the money to the same bank account by direct fund transfer.

A paper stimulus check will be issued by the state government if taxpayers have notified the Carolina state administration of a change in their bank details by November 1. Filers who have changed their bank or their account number have to give the details of the change.

Filers also will receive their payments by paper check if they received their refund earlier in 2021 by paper check or debit cards. If they have received their 2021 refund by direct deposit to a prepaid or pay-as-you-go debit card, the present stimulus payment will also go out as paper checks.

Filers who did not receive their refund as they had a balance due or those who received their refund for 2021 sing a tax preparer’s account will also receive a paper check this time around. Married couples who filed joint income tax returns in 2021 will receive a single rebate.

Massachusetts Taxpayers Start Getting Tax Refund Stimulus Checks Starting November

In Massachusetts, a certification by the State Auditor in September that the 2022 fiscal year net state tax revenues have exceeded allowable revenue by $2.941 billion, the Baker-Polito government has announced the details of returning this surplus revenue to the taxpayers.

Governor Charlie Baker announced that stronger-than-expected tax revenues by Massachusetts have resulted in a significant budget surplus for the fiscal year 2022. He announced that the state would return the nearly $3 billion excess revenue to taxpayers.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Gov. Baker said that as families faced continued pressures from inflation and record-high prices, the returns will provide urgent economic relief to residents of Massachusetts. With close to $3 billion being returned to taxpayers, these returns will provide them with much-needed relief.

Significant state and federal resources remain and the state administration has announced that they look forward to working with the legislature to invest such funds into the state economy, families, and communities.  

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito said that the strong economic growth throughout the Commonwealth combined with diligent management of state funds have combined to result in a significant fund surplus in the past fiscal year. she said that shortly the state administration would work diligently to distribute such funds back to filers.

She further said that the state administration looked forward to working with the legislature to invest extra surplus dollars in local state economies.

In keeping with the statute, the $2.941 billion fund will go back to eligible filers through the revenue department of the state that will be proportioned to personal income tax liability in Massachusetts incurred by taxpayers in the immediately preceding tax year, which is the tax year 2021.

Generally, all eligible filers will get a credit refund which comes to around 13% of their Massachusetts 2021 tax year personal income tax liability.

The percentage is a preliminary estimate and it is expected to go up. It will be finalized later after all income tax returns for 2021 are finalized. To be eligible individuals should have filed their state income tax returns for 2021 before the cutoff date of October 17. And individuals’ credit may be reduced on account of refund intercepts, unpaid child support, unpaid taxes, and certain other debts.

Individuals who are eligible for a refund will receive it automatically as a check sent through the mail or direct deposit. Distribution of refunds is expected to begin in November 2022.

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