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Monday, June 5, 2023

States Organize Their Stimulus Check Even As Efforts Continue For More Federal Aid

With hopes of a fresh stimulus check fading despite all-around efforts, multiple states have started their version of aid for various sections of their residents. While some states have started paying out to the unemployed with the federal unemployment check coming to a stop, others have given aid to specific groups like teachers and frontline health workers.

Only California has given a stimulus check to all its residents, given their surplus budget. Extra support has also been given by states to people who rejoin the workforce even as certain sectors come back to life after the pandemic.

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State Stimulus Check To Benefit Various Groups

California remains one of the few states that has a true stimulus check scheme. The Golden State Stimulus check-in is into its second round. Residents earning $75,000 or less are entitled to a stimulus check of $600 in this round. Governor Newsom signed to allow $600 to be paid to individuals with low earning and even non-residents who could not avail of federal support.

Arizona has gone for a program that encourages residents to rejoin the workforce. The state is giving a generous $2,000 to those who get back to work full-time. The state has thousands of jobs that have been lying vacant for various reasons. Around 10M jobs are up for grabs across the US at present.

The scheme has ended but workers who have joined regular jobs from May 13 to September 6 this year, could be eligible for this stimulus check.

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Colorado is giving its unemployed residents $375, while Connecticut has enticed people to join the workforce with a $1,000 stimulus check.

Florida is paying its teachers, police officers, firefighters, and various first responders a stimulus check worth $1,000.

Full-time teachers in Georgia will get $1,000 from the state while part-timers will receive half as much.

A hazard pay bonus of $500 has gone out to the teaching community in Michigan. While parents in New Jersey will get tax rebates of a maximum of $500. Low-income residents of New Mexico will receive a direct payment of $750.

Meanwhile, New York has set aside $2.1M for excluded and undocumented workers who did not receive unemployment benefits.

The Texas government has announced a retention bonus to teaching staff returning to work. It is worth between $500 to $2,000 depending on the district. Oklahoma and Tennessee have their version of the stimulus check for school-based employees.

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