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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Residents Of Two American States To Receive Stimulus Checks By June 2022

Americans in several states are in for another round of stimulus checks in the spring of 2022. States such as Maine and New Mexico have approved supplementary relief to residents pushed down by the debilitating pandemic and the inflation that has followed.

The residents of these two states are in for an early bonanza as lawmakers have already passed laws granting additional economic relief to residents of these states. The legislation comes after an identical move a week back by Alaska as the Senate in the state approved a package of relief measures that included a $5,500 cash payment for residents of The Last Frontier.

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The inflation rate climbed to 8.5% in March 2022 and has remained above that for the last two months, the highest in over 4 decades. With federal stimulus checks drying up in 2022, state governments, both Democratic and Republican, have moved to protect their residents from the high prices of gasoline and essential goods.

States such as California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania have proposed stimulus checks, while some states have already pushed through legislative measures to enable them to support their residents.

Residents Of Maine To Get $850 Stimulus Check

Around 850,000 residents of Maine will receive a relief check worth $850 that is expected to offset the high prices of gasoline and essential goods that have been driven by the pandemic, according to the website of Gov. Janet Mills.

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Residents who have filed their income tax will receive the stimulus check soon. But they have time until October 31 to file their returns. But any delay in filing will push back the stimulus check payment.

Residents must also have a gross income (AGI) of less than $100,000 for individual filers, $150,000 AGI in case of heads of household, and $200,000 AGI for married couples who file jointly.

Residents who have already filed will receive their stimulus check next month, while those filing later before October 31 will receive their payment as the administration receives their papers.

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