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Stimulus Check Scammers And How To Stay Safe!

Scammers have switched to active ever since the topic of stimulus checks got attention in the United States of America. They are doing so through text messages and emails. It is to be noted that since the department of the IRS is already equipped with all the required information about the eligible citizens, there will never come a time when they will go about asking people about their personal information. One of the representatives from the concerned department stated that it might be possible for anyone to receive a text message from the department. However, the text will never ask for any sort of information.

Stimulus Check Safety Measures

The IRS just recently issued new information through which they tried to alert all the citizens across the country. The announcement was related to various schemes concerning the coronavirus and the stimulus checks. They claimed that the department does not make any calls stating that it needs to approve the right information of the receiver. They will never state that the people are to disclose their personal information in order to receive their stimulus checks earlier as compared to the others. The department also warned everybody to never go to the attachments and links that are sent in the text messages. 

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They further added that text is not the medium through which scammers scam people. They can also send these messages through emails, social media, and websites as well. And in case anyone receives these kinds of messages, it is best to delete them without following any attachments or links. The department of IRS also stated that one receiving any messages of that sort in the case of the stimulus checks is to be forwarded to the email address, “[email protected]

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