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Stephen Curry’s Son, Canon, Meets Klay Thompson

Stephen Curry’s kid, Canon, who is four years old, has become a fan of basketball player Klay Thompson. Canon shows his enthusiasm for his father’s friend in a video posted by the NBA account on Instagram. Canon happily greeted Thompson as the team seemed to be walking into the locker room after the game. 

Thompson greeted Canon back, which was an adorable scene. There was an echo of laughter from many who saw the lovely moment. For more than ten seasons, Curry and Thompson have played together for the Warriors. The NBA revealed that Thompson had surpassed 2,000 career triples, making him the 13th player in NBA history to do so.

Canon’s Interest In Sports Revealed By Stephen Curry

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Curry discussed his children’s perceptions of him in an interview with E! News for the Magazine Cover Sportsperson of the Year Awards. When asked if his kids are as dazzled by him just as others are, he replied that he’d hope to hear a yes, but for various other reasons. He continued to say that the number of times the ball enters the basket doesn’t seem to matter all that much to them. The parent of three children went on to say that they would enjoy the championship celebrations because they have been to a few parades and other events. The best aspect of it is that he’s just “Dad” when he’s at home.

When asked about his kids’ interest in sports, Stephen responded that Riley is interested in volleyball at present, whereas Ryan is still deciding whether sports are her cup of tea. Stephen added that there’s no pressure in any way and that, based on what he can see, Canon is fairly athletic. He only wants them to discover what makes them happy and support it. 

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