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Steve Burton Announces Separation From Wife

Steve Burton is one of the most versatile and respected actors in America. He has portrayed a lot of different characters for which he has been praised. Steve was shot to fame after he appeared in the role of Jason Morgan in General Hospital. However, the recent days do not seem to be going great with Steve. The actor has announced a separation from his wife recently through a post on Instagram.

Steve was married to Sheree Burton for a long time. The duo tied the knot twenty-three years ago and had a great relationship with each other. However, things seemed to have been deteriorating recently. Steve took Instagram by surprise after he wrote about their current split. The news was even more shocking because Sheree is currently pregnant. Sheree recently stated that she was expecting her fourth child. Amidst all the good wishes, came the bombshell of a revelation. 

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Steve Burton refused the fatherhood of Sheree’s recent child. He clarified that he was not the father of the baby. Steve also requested the media not to bother him as he wanted some private time. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Steve Burton No More With Sheree

Steve Burton has recently shared the news of his split with Sheree Burton on social media. He put up a written post where he clarified that Sheree was no longer with him.

However, he confirmed the fact that they will continue to be co-parents of their three children. Sheree Burton also did not comment on how long they have been separated. 

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Steve Burton was also not allowed to be a part of the General Hospital show.

This happened because Steve refused to maintain the vaccine mandates laid down by the government. 


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