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Steven Tyler Successfully Recovering After Rehab

 Steven Tyler is one of the most famous American singers of recent times. He has a huge fan following all over the world and is admired for his impeccable musical skills. However, things were going right for the singer in the recent few days. The singer always fought with being sober. He has struggled to maintain his sobriety during the course of his career. Steven underwent surgery on his foot recently as a preparation for his stage act.

The pain that resulted from the surgery made the singer relapse. In the month of May, Aerosmith stated that Steven Tyler has entered into rehabilitation to address the issue. The post detailed how the singer had surgery that caused him to relapse. Fortunately for his fans, there is good news coming in recently. Trusted sources like TMZ have stated that the singer is recovering very well in rehab. According to the reports, the initial rehab period was supposed to be of thirty days. Steven overstayed his days at the facility to make sure that recovered completely. This news has put a smile back on the faces of his fans who were worried about his sobriety issues. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

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Steven Tyler Is Back With A Bang 

Steven Tyler is back. After spending more than a month in a rehabilitation center, the singer is finally ready to mesmerize his fans once again. Sources reported that Tyler looked rejuvenated with hydrated and glowing skin. His medical reports have stated that the singer has been able to maintain the perfect weight for his age. 

Steven Tyler and his team are very much optimistic that the singer will be able to remain sober from now on. Despite his records of being addicted throughout his life, the recent progress has made everyone highly expectant. 

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