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Stimulus Check Update: 10 States Would Send $7,500

It is quite widely known that the federal government has already sent out three rounds of stimulus check payments to most Americans. The latest one in the list was a payment of $1,400 which was construed as a part of the American Rescue Plan of President Biden which was signed into law all the way back in March.

Currently, Congress has been continuing its debate about the massive $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan of President Joe Biden. Now, while this is not stimulus payment on the surface, the massive spending would definitely put up a huge boost to the economy of the country. 

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It can never be doubted that direct payment would benefit quite a large section of the public. As of now, the provision of a fourth stimulus check seems pretty implausible from the federal government. But, there have been 10 different states, which also include Maryland, that have been pushing out as much as $7,500 to people who make up a certain criterion. 

Stimulus Check States

As of now, the state of California has initiated its process of delivering the Golden State Stimulus check payments. According to major reports, these payments are worth $600 and will be sent to quite a few individuals, but there is also a provision of an additional $500 if you also have a dependent.

This brings the whole amount to $1,100. The state is currently in the process of issuing these payments through direct deposit. California will also start issuing checks to those people who have been deemed worthy of this money from the 6th of October, 2021.

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In the state of Maryland, families who have previously filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit would receive an immediate stimulus check payment of $500. Individuals who have also filed for this will be receiving a sum of $300. 

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