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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: 10,000 Workers In Alabama Would Receive A Stimulus Package

Close to 10,000 workers in the state of Alabama have started receiving stimulus check bonuses amounting to $1,500. This program would mostly benefit childcare workers. According to the Department of Human Resources in the state, 1,278 childcare providers- which consist of roughly 65% of all of the main businesses in the state- have already applied and received approval for grants in December 2021 and January 2022.

The grants also cover bonuses of around $1,500 for full-time employees and $750 for part-time employees. In all, some 10,065 employees will be receiving the money. 

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Stimulus Check Payment For Childcare Providers In The State of Alabama

The stimulus check grant program was previously unveiled in November in order to help most childcare providers recruit and maintain their staff as the industry went on to deal with the impact of the pandemic. Nancy Buckner, the DHR Commissioner of the state stated that the nationwide staffing shortage did test the resilience of the child care providers of the state.

As they went on persevering, these bonuses would definitely recruit a much larger gathering- while rewarding current employees for their dedicated service to the children of Alabama. 

As has been reported, most of the eligible employees would be receiving up to eight different quarterly bonuses before the two-year grant period ends in September 2023. The second round for the stimulus check payments will run from the 28th of February through the 18th of March. 

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In order to qualify for this payment, the providers would have to be in good standing with DHR and then remain in operation for the bigger part of a year after receiving the stimulus check grant. 

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