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Stimulus Check Update: 2 States To Receive Payments Soon

A separate round of stimulus check payments will be issued to a couple of states in the country, as has been reported by most mainstream news platforms. It has also been understood that the payments would be coming amidst talks of a fourth stimulus payment from the federal government. 

In the states of New Mexico and Maine, the individuals could be seeing new payments as a result of the efforts put forward by the legislators in making their case for the citizens. The proposals from the legislators did follow the same pattern that was highlighted the previous week in Alaska. Interestingly, the proposal saw to it that the citizens of Alaska would be provided with stimulus payments of up to $5,500. 

Maine and New Mexico To Push for Stimulus Check Payments

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With the rate of inflation being too high, it is natural that most of the legislators would be clamoring for the federal government to pass a couple of tax rebates that would take off the burden from the citizens of the state. In their bid to decrease the financial toll on their citizens, several other states like Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania also have their stimulus proposals brought up to assist their citizens. 

In the state of Maine, it is expected that close to 800,000 citizens would be receiving the stimulus check payment of $850 which would go a long way in alleviating their problem which has been caused by inflation resulting from the pandemic. This was recently reported by the website of Governor Janet Mills. In order to be eligible for the payment, one has to be a permanent citizen of Maine and have to file their taxes by the 31st of October. Also, they wouldn’t be able to call for a dependent. 

In New Mexico, the legislators of the state have already decided to push through a few stimulus check proposals, and it is expected that the first payments will be issued from next month onwards. The payment will be a sum of $500 for single filers along with a sum of $1000 for those who filed together as a couple.

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