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Stimulus Check 2022: Are You Eligible For The September Checks?

The purpose of the Stimulus Checks is to assist those in need and assist Americans in making ends meet in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

In March 2021, President Joe Biden authorized the transfer of funds by signing a $1.9 trillion Stimulus Check plan in the Oval Office. Even though the federal government has stopped delivering stimulus checks, states and local governments continue to provide citizens with customized payouts.

Here Are States Still Offering Stimulus Checks


Up to $1,050 in stimulus payments are being distributed to California households to help combat inflation.


According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, state residents who submitted their 2021 tax forms before June 30 will get more money.


Almost 60,000 Florida homes will receive one-time checks of $450 per kid.


In Georgia, reimbursements are available in the amounts of $250 for single taxpayers, $375 for heads of household, and $500 for joint filers.


Hawaii residents will this year be eligible for a $300 tax credit if their income in 2021 is less than $100,000 or $200,000 for joint filers.


Depending on which is bigger, the payments offer each taxpayer and dependant $75 or 12 percent of their 2020 state income tax return.


Illinois is providing short-term reductions in sales taxes as well as rebates on income and property taxes.


No of their level of income, all citizens of Indiana will receive $125 refund checks.


As a result of a budget excess, households are getting checks for up to $850.


The Massachusetts State Legislature is working to offer qualifying individuals and married couples one-time tax reimbursements of $250 and $500, respectively.

New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey has suggested allocating $53 million to provide $500 bonuses to taxpayers who file taxes using a taxpayer identification number rather than a Social Security number.

North Mexico

All residents of New Mexico will get a tax credit of $500, with an additional $250 available to individuals making less than $75,000 per year.


In Minnesota, front-line employees are eligible for a $750 one-time payment.