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Stimulus Check 2022 Update- Receiving A Payment In July

It is quite a possibility that one would be able to receive a stimulus check payment in the United States in July.

Now, since the federal government hasn’t really issued any announcement regarding stimulus check payment, one can deduce that such payments will be coming in through the state and city governments for multiple reasons like supply chain woes, inflation, lockdowns, and other economic restraints that have severely hampered the well-being of citizens. Since these stimulus payments are going to be placed under the control of several different government bodies, the amount of the stimulus relief varies from state to state. 

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States To Issue Stimulus Check Payments

In the month of October, the state of California will be issuing up to 23 million families a one-time stimulus check payment. This payment will be entirely based on the income, household size, and the status of the family’s tax filing. The payment could go up to a sum of $1,050, with Governor Gavin Newsom calling it a middle-class tax refund. In fact, California doesn’t seem to be alone in this regard, as other states have also started considering direct payments. Several other states that have been making stimulus payments easy to avail are Maine, Delaware, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, and New Mexico. 

Other states have also considered enacting more creative stimulus check measures. As an example, it has been reported that a few frontline workers in the state of Minnesota will be eligible for a one-time payment of around $750. Meanwhile, the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy also brought out a $500 tax rebate to close to a million citizens. It is understood that New Jersey might not be alone in this regard, with several other states approving the tax rebates as well. 

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