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Stimulus Check 2022 Update- How Much Will The Drivers In Your State Receive?

With the price of gas continuing to move along the price of $5 per gallon, the legislators in the country have been looking towards ways that would provide economic relief- like a stimulus check payment.

Indeed, some states have already instituted a gas tax holiday, with the President of the United States, Joe Bide, endorsing a bill that has already called for a similar pause on the federal gas tax. Yet, one of the most plausible options here would be a federal gas ‘stimulus payment’- which will be issuing eligible Americans a sum of $100 a month- all the way to the end of the year.

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Stimulus Check Payment For Gas Payments

In a statement that was made on the 17th of March, Rep. Thompson mentioned that the citizens of the country were feeling the impact at the pump through the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. And currently, the country would have to work in unison on common-sense policy solutions that would ease a large part of the financial burden that the constituents would be feeling.

And with the attitude that Congress currently displays regarding any mention of the stimulus check payment, the proposal hasn’t really reached quite far. Nevertheless, this hasn’t prevented individual states from picking the topic up and then running along with it. 

As far as the Gas Rebate Act is mentioned, this measure will be issuing eligible Americans a stimulus check payment of $100 for every month that is left in the current year. If a particular individual also has dependents, they would be receiving an extra $100. The US had already passed the $4 price of gallon threshold in March and hasn’t yet reversed the course. As it goes with stimulus payments that came up during the pandemic, the compensation would be dependent on multiple income levels.

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