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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: 4.5 Million To Receive $1,100

The Franchise Tax Board in the state of California is all set to issue around nine million stimulus check payments under GSSII. According to a report, the tax board has already issued around 4.5 million checks- which is just half the number, a combination of paper checks and direct deposits. However, the board has also added that not every single one of the remaining tax reports is completely eligible- with more than a few not even completing their fraud checks yet- so the total could definitely change.

The fourth payment was previously issued on Friday, the 15th of October, with the payments having a collective sum of $890 million. The GSSII checks will be sent every couple of weeks until every single Californian who is eligible will be receiving one of them. 

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The state has also planned on delivering most of its stimulus check payments by the end of 2021- with a large section of the direct deposits to be pushed through by the end of this month- just in time for Halloween. The checks have a sum between $600 and $1,100 under the Golden State Stimulus II and will be sent to those who have an annual earning below $75,000. At the same time, those who will be eligible for the first stimulus program of the state will be receiving an additional $500. 

Who Qualifies For The Stimulus Check Payments?

In order to qualify for the stimulus check payments, one needs to file their taxes for the previous year by the 15th of October. They also need to have an annual income below $75,000 for the tax year of 2020. They should also ideally be a resident of the state for the better part of the previous year and should be based in the state when the payment is issued in their name. 

One should also keep in mind that the stimulus check payments can’t be claimed by another taxpayer in lieu of being a dependent. If one does qualify for the payments, they will be offered a refund.

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