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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check 4 Coming This Week For Californian Residents

This week, residents of California who are eligible will be getting stimulus checks worth $1100. The payments are being sent as part of the most recent GS Stimulus payment round. Meanwhile, stimulus checks worth $2000 could be sent every month to every American as a certain proposal gains momentum nationwide.

Updates On The Stimulus Check Proposal And The GSS Program

The proposal for the monthly stimulus check was brought forward via a petition on Change.org. It asks Congress to approve legislation that will issue monthly stimulus checks for as long as the current pandemic lasts. The petition by Stephanie Bonin has gathered nearly 3Mn signatures. However, neither President Biden nor Congress seems likely to back the proposal.

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Meanwhile, residents in California are about to receive a fresh boost of cash this week. It comes under the GS Stimulus plan of the state. As per the California Franchise Tax Board (CFTB), stimulus checks that will be directly deposited have been issued on 29th October. On the other hand, checks that are to be delivered via mail have started being sent from 1st November.

Qualifying residents without any children or dependents will get a check worth $600. Residents who qualify and have children or similar dependents will receive $1100.

Even though there have been 3 stimulus check rounds issued already, analysts are claiming that the relief did not have a deep enough reach. Analysts from the Capital One Insights Center’s study claimed that Americans with low incomes would have exhausted their stimulus money paying off bills. Moreover, last year, nearly 33% of Americans claimed to have suffered a net loss in their income. However, there has been good news for families with children as the expanded CTC has been extended till at least 2022.

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