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Stimulus Check 4 Deciding Factors

Stimulus Check was the boon that the Americans got during the pandemic. US President Joe Biden started the American Rescue Plan in March. The main aim of the checks was to lessen the financial burden. The people benefited greatly from the initiative. Most of the money received was used up by the people to meet essential needs. The majority of the people paid off their debts with money. However, the checks have been indicated to come to a halt. This has concerned many households. The threat of another wave of coronavirus is lurking. This, a fourth Stimulus Check is pushed heavily. Let us discuss the various driving factors that might result in an added payment. 

Stimulus Check: Petitions, Drowning Economy And Lawmakers’ Backing

It has been two months since the push has started for Stimulus Check 4. No confirmed news of the sanctioning is provided yet. However, there seem to be some key factors that can play a role to get a payment sanctioned. 

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A petition has gained huge momentum recently. The petition can be viewed at the Change.Org website. It asks the government to provide monthly checks to the citizens. A sum of $2000 & $1000 has been requested by the bill for adults and students respectively. The bill asks for the provision for monthly payments to the citizens till the pandemic gets over. It states that the checks provided so far were insufficient to meet all the needs. More funding is required to save the people from bankruptcy. 

The rate of unemployment has shot up drastically. More people have been recorded without the job post-pandemic. The percentage stands at 5.9% with around 6.8m people without a job. The government did design the Unemployment aid, but it did not reach everybody due to various reasons. 

Stimulus Check claims have also been backed up by lawmakers. On average, adults have received $3200 as aids. The children have accounted for $2500 from the government so far. 

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