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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Stimulus Check 4 Petition Gains Momentum

Stimulus Checks are being demanded by the whole of America now. Three installments if monetary assistance has already been sent out to the people. However, the citizens felt the amount to be insufficient. Most of the people spent the money on paying off their debts. Others added to their savings. The government did not seem interested in the idea. Thus, a petition was launched that has gained considerable momentum now. More details to follow. 

Stimulus Check: Refunds Issued By IRS

America has seen a surge in covid cases in the last few weeks. This has made the civilians tense about the future. If another shutdown was to follow, the economy would come crashing down. This would impact a lot of people. Unemployment and underpayment will become major issues. 

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To avert the upcoming danger, people have launched a petition. The petition demands steady funding from the government. It asks for a monthly payment of $2000 to meet the needs of the people. A website has been created (Change.org). This movement was initiated by the owner of a restaurant. Soon it had gathered huge momentum. The petition stands at a total of 2.7million signatures. If this petition reaches the 3million mark, it would be the most signed petition. 

Meanwhile, IRS has started sending the fourth installments of tax repayment. These refunds were payments adjusted from unemployment benefits. An individual must be enlisted as unemployed in 2020 for at least a week. This would make the person eligible to receive the payments.

Stimulus Check payments were also received by the families with a dependant. The Child Tax Credit entitles qualified families to receive aids. A qualified family can obtain up to $3600 for children under the age of six years. Children between 6 to 17 years can receive $3000 as funding. 

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