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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stimulus Check 4 Still On Hold, But $20B Given To Americans As Aid

Stimulus Checks are not given but aid is being provided by the administration of President Biden.

Given the present scenario, the fourth installment of the stimulus check is unlikely to be disbursed. Most Americans looked forward to receiving a direct payment from the government as financial aid. These were primarily to be sent to the people directly, by using their bank accounts or the mailboxes. However, since March, the vocal support has gone down.

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Several factors are acting against the interests of the Americans in receiving further stimulus checks. The recovery rate from the coronavirus is steadily on the rise. This has even resulted in the creation of 850,000 new jobs within the country in June.

Stimulus Check And Joe Biden’s Take On It

Stimulus Checks have had attention until now, where the administration of the US Government, led by President Biden have moved their attention to more pressing matters, one of which is the huge bill for infrastructure. There is another issue that includes a budget plan for $3.5 trillion that was given by the Democrats who are known to control Congress. This budget is devoid of an allocation for a further cycle of relief payments.

Stimulus Checks are being contradicted and opposed by another strong argument. This argument is based on the fact that the government provides relief and support on a regular basis to the people who are struggling financially. Many people are being provided aid to help them mitigate their debts and help meet their ends.

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The staggering effect of the pandemic is seen to subside, however, huge support is provided by the government to the people. Although there are no further signs of a stimulus check anytime soon, amounts exceeding $20 billion were paid as stimulus relief in just the last week itself. Therefore, Biden’s presidential administration is working towards the relief of citizens affected by the pandemic.

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