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Monday, March 27, 2023

Extra Special Stimulus Check 4 For The Educators

Stimulus Check money is being sent to some chosen group of people. The government already designed three sets of Stimulus Checks for the citizens to benefit from. These were authorized by Joe Biden. The American Rescue Plan brought smiles to many families in the US. The checks provided much-required relief to the people. However, the payments will continue to come to the people who are associated with education. Teachers of the US have been sanctioned a bonus set of payments. The details are discussed below. 

Stimulus Check Worth $1000 Assigned  For Teachers 

The demand for the fourth stimulus check continued to gain motion. However, Congress did not agree with the idea. It felt that the economy of the country had recovered. The rates of unemployment have also gone down. Thus, there was no point in providing the people with further funding. 

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However, if you are someone associated with education you can rejoice! The government has announced a $1000 bonus payment for all the teachers. This payment was a salute to the teachers for working in adverse conditions. In the time of lockdown, teachers worked extra hours. They ensured that the quality of the education is not compromised. Several states have already announced the bonuses.

Georgia, Florida, and Michigan are the first 3 states to confirm the bonuses. Florida has listed 175000 teachers for the aid. It also includes 3600 principles. Georgia will be delivering the $1000 checks to 230000 teachers staff. It has a provision of $660.6m. Michigan has designed a $73m fund. It will provide $500 to the teachers and $250 for the staff.

Stimulus Check for the teachers is a welcome idea. But this move has also attracted criticism. Some have complained that exhausting the state funds is not a good idea. The funds are meant for the welfare of the masses as a whole. Preferring only a section of society might not be the wisest decision. 

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