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Stimulus Check 4: Watch Out For These 5 Signs Of A Scam

In the middle of April, millions of citizens received the 3rd stimulus check. But there are still millions who are yet to get the stimulus check worth $1400. Officials have advised Americans to be careful about being scammed regarding their relief money.

The Five Red Stimulus Check Scam Flags

Apart from the third stimulus check, eligible will also be getting their CTC payments. This is the perfect opportunity for fraudsters to get their hands on unsuspecting citizens. Here are the five most common indicators that you are being scammed:

Unsolicited Emails Or Calls:

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Scammers frequently use spoofing technology to impersonate other individuals, as well as government agencies. Firstly, the United States government will never ask you for any money to receive the stimulus check. Moreover, they will also never ask you for any sensitive personal numbers like bank accounts, social security, or card numbers.

“Verification” Messages

Consumers are requested to always be on guard with any email or message that is asking for “verification”. This is one of the most common ways of scamming people out of their stimulus check. A scam link would direct you to a bogus portal where it will collect all your information in the name of verification.


Another warning sign is when the message or call claims that sensitive information is needed immediately. The IRS or the Government will not make such a request.

Asking For A Fee

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Another scam involves asking citizens for a tiny “processing fee” to get the stimulus check early. But there are no such processes officially. Cash advances are to be scrutinized closely as well since interest rates may be a trap.

Counterfeit Checks

This is done by sending out phony checks, and then the fraudster will ask for the check and the money-back since it has an incorrect amount. However, by the time it is found out, the victim would have lost their real stimulus check as well.

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