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Stimulus Check 4 Will Not Be Coming Because Of The Delta Variant

Just as the interest in another round of stimulus checks was dying off, the panic caused by the delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic has renewed it. The number of new cases per day averaged approximately 120,000 nationwide in the previous week.

The Economy Is Not Dire Enough For Another Stimulus Check

The infection rate is almost equal to early February numbers before the $1,400 third stimulus check was approved by Biden. The relief payment aimed to activate the economy of the United States by giving families money that they can spend. This would maintain the flow of cash and prevent a frozen economy.

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However, these kinds of stimulus checks are only for emergencies. For example, workers in millions were furloughed in one night in March of last year. This had provoked the first $1,200 stimulus check from Donald Trump. The relief aids have since been widely believed in fighting poverty as well as restoring activity in the market.

As such, stimulus check 4 is highly improbable. Even though Delta has forced the US to make mask-wearing as well as social distancing compulsory once more, the economy has been predicted to increase. The growth is expected to be around 6% in 2021. As a result, there is a big question over the need for another stimulus payment.

Also, Congress has other priorities right now. The bipartisan infrastructure bill worth $1Tn is going to appear in the House after passing the Senate. The majority held by the Democratic Party will possibly pass it easily, which will then be approved by President Biden. There are no relief payments in this bill. The “reconciliation” bill worth $3.5Tn is next on the agenda. It is currently being crafted by Senate Democrats, and it also does not have any relief payments.

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