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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Check Absent From The Reconciliation Bill?

With the rise in the cases of Delta variant infection, the economic growth in the country is again met with a slowdown in the United States of America. This has led the people to wonder if the fourth round of the stimulus checks will ever be provided by the federal government or not. As the infrastructure plan was paused, Bernie Sanders, the senator, disclosed the new reconciliation package. The amount of the package is 3.5 trillion USD. The new package includes a number of provisions that were not included in the infrastructure plan. It was added by the senators belonging to both parties. 

Stimulus Check And Other Provisions

Out of all the measures that have been newly introduced in the reconciliation bill, the one thing that is absent is the stimulus check. There has been no direct statement given on the subject until now. However, there are some provisions according to which financial aid will be provided to the households in the country. There is also a provision that deals with the child tax payments stimulus check.

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As per the details, there are some permanent changes to be brought about in the payments. The reconciliation bill ensures that the families will not have to pay over 7% of the total income for the childcare facilities. It also paves way for a “family leave program” that will be federally paid. 

The other measures that are included in the new bill apart from the stimulus checks are paid family leave and community college for free. Bernie Sanders, the independent senator, had not been a part of any of the bipartisan negotiations when it came to the infrastructure plan. However, he finally spoke out on the absence of some extremely important subjects that the plan lacked.  

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