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Stimulus Check; Who Really Needs It?

The one platform to make the demand for the federal aid stimulus check payments is “Change.org.” It is an online petition where people are placing their demand for money from their government. It was started by a woman called Stephanie Bonin. She hails from the state of Colorado and is one of those people who were seriously economically affected by the ongoing pandemic. The petition demands the federal government to provide them a total of 200 USD stimulus check federal aid payments for adults and 1000 USD for children. The total number of signatures earned by the stimulus check federal aid petition as of now is 2.9 million.

Stimulus Check Demands

There is a reason why most people of the United States of America as well as some economists and lawmakers are backing up the demand for federal aid payments. It is a proven fact that most of the citizens are still without any job. As per the report of joblessness that came out recently, it was found out that the total number of residents who are jobless is much higher than what was actually expected. And the biggest reason behind this has been found out to be the Delta variant of the coronavirus. This is the biggest reason that drives the demand for the stimulus check financial and payments. 

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As per a report from one of the news sources, it was stated that about 25% of the citizens of the country went through a lot of struggles in order to make their ends meet every month. This incident of hardship took place in the last few weeks of the month of August. And just a few days after that incident, the unemployment benefit stimulus checks financial aid payments that are provided by the federal government came to an end. The total amount of the provided money was 5 billion USD. This had a major impact on about 9 million citizens of the country.   

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