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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: Americans Will Be Receiving Payment

Most workers who have been working throughout the pandemic might finally find their recognition in the form of a stimulus check. Currently, all the recognition that they have been receiving has been limited to them being praised for their tenacity, and not with something substantial.

The food workers in the country have had to keep working round the clock throughout the health crisis, as they couldn’t enjoy the usual scenario of work-from-home. Yet, their hard work is finally being recognized with something that, until now, seemed completely elusive. 

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Fourth stimulus check payment coming soon

Almost tens of millions of the third stimulus check payment had gone out previously, which led to the passage of the stimulus law worth $1.9 trillion in March. Currently, there are a few odds that a fourth stimulus payment would definitely be available to most of the American citizens- hopefully very soon. Interestingly, the new stimulus payment wouldn’t be issued by the IRS, which dealt with the rest of the stimulus payments. 

The new stimulus check payments that the workers will be eligible for has been announced by US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who announced this relief payment just a few days ago. This has been deemed as a part of a greater $700 million effort to help food and farmworkers. Accordingly, this payment of $600 would be going to the US meatpacking workforce and the farmworkers. It has also been reported that a significant part of the portion, around $20 million would go towards helping workers at the grocery store. 

The new stimulus check payments are definitely not being issued by the IRS, but from nonprofits, state agencies, and tribal governments. The agency of Vilsack has also decided to parcel funds out to those groups who would be the best candidates for distributing the amount. The secretary has also mentioned that his agency would prioritize the workers.

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