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Friday, July 1, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Several Americans Have Received $1,000

Several states have been sending out stimulus check payments of up to $1,000 to teachers and important workers. This extra payment has been seen as a goodwill gesture to all those who were at the frontline during the pandemic. In certain situations, the extra cash is also insurance against the staff resigning.

Several legislators in the state of Georgia have already gone ahead and signed off on the payments worth $1,000 that will cover almost every member of staff and teachers. This was reported in a post by the Wall Street Journal. 

Teachers About To Receive $1,000 Stimulus Check Payments

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Quite a few canteen staff, as well as bus drivers, have also been receiving the extra stimulus check payment The checks would have a cumulative cost of $200 million, according to a few reports. In California,  payments of $2.8 million have been made in the districts of Berkeley which have been used to provide teachers with a bonus of 3.5% ahead of the upcoming school year. 

Nevertheless, quite a few parents have been quite skeptical about providing teachers with a cash boost. Lindsay Nofelt of Berkeley stated that the stimulus check payments would be better suited to help increase the attainment levels in the fields of maths and science. While she considered herself to be the last person who would have any say in how the money was being spent, she believes it wouldn’t go amiss for the payment to come out of the appropriate bond. 

The state of Florida has also had almost 170,000 teachers expecting to receive a stimulus check payment of around $1,000 in their mailboxes. The payments will be sent out over the course of the month, which will come out of a $101.5 billion state budget that was previously signed as law by Gov. Ron DeSantis in July. The Governor stated that the pandemic had definitely put quite a lot of strain on the EMTs, the first responders as well as the sworn law enforcement- and it goes without saying that their sacrifice needed to be recognized. 

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