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Stimulus Check’s Effect On Newsom’s Political Support

The total number of people who have received the stimulus check payments from the officials of the state of California is 600,000. This is the second round of payments provided to the people. And the money is being distributed at a time when Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state, is soon to face recall elections. As compared to the support that was witnessed in the summer, the governor is witnessing major changes in his support system. The two polls that were carried out recently, prove that he has a chance of getting back at the elections. Is there a relationship between the stimulus check that he approved and this rise?  

Stimulus Check And Newsom

To talk on the matter, sources contacted two experts. They are Garrick Percival who is one of the political scientists at the state university of San Jose, and Jim Newton who is a lecturer at the California University that is situated in Los Angeles. He teaches policy and communication studies. There is one subject where the views of both parties have converged.

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And that is the fact that the Democratic governor of California will not succeed by his decision to provide the stimulus check financial aid payments in the state. There are a few other factors that have a role to play as well. Percival pointed out that the stimulus check financial payments will affect the political scenario of Governor Gavin Newsom by not more than 3%.

And the main reason as stated by him is that the people are not aware of who is behind providing the money. And that most sections of them think that it is from the federal government, which is usually the case. And another is that the voters want an answer to the question on the economy of the state. To be precise, they want to know if they are all heading to a state of recovery or not.

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