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Stimulus Check: Who All Qualifies For The Additional Checks? 

The economic crisis led by the coronavirus pandemic affected millions of people living in the United States of America. Many people revealed that they have a hard time making their basic ends meet. However, the stimulus checks provided by the government proved to be helpful to so many people facing economic hardships irrespective of its late arrival owing to the lengthy debates that took place in the legislature. Despite the already dispatched stimulus checks, the IRS gave an exciting announcement. They stated that there are other incoming payments. However, it is not for everyone.

Stimulus Check, The Most Recent 

The IRS made an announcement on the 21st of July that they were dispatching a new batch of payments. They also stated that the new payments were a part of the American Rescue Plan that was approved in the month of March. It was claimed that the ones who might be getting the newly approved stimulus checks are the ones who filed for their taxes of the year 2020 just recently. This is like a “plus-up” thing in order to compensate for the lesser payments that they received. As per sources, the total number of the newly dispatched payments is 900,000. And the total value of that is over 1.6 billion USD. 

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The motive behind the additional payment was to settle for the major changes as the criteria in order to receive the full stimulus checks of 1,400 USD was entirely dependent on the tax return from the year 2019.  It was also announced that the recently provided payments were given out to those who could not get access to any batch of the relief payments provided by the department. The reason for this being the lack of necessary information. So, the ones who updated their most recent information with the department while filing for their taxes will receive the money that they own.  

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