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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is Stimulus Check A Part Of The New Bipartisan Plan?

The famous bipartisan infrastructure bill which was being debated upon by the lawmakers of the country now has a new name. It is called the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.” The provisions of the bill have not been revealed until now so nobody knows if it carries any such update on the subject of the stimulus checks. The debate on the subject first took place on the 28th of July that fell on a Wednesday. 

Stimulus Check’s Possibility

Until now, it has been confirmed that the said bill does not include any plans on the fourth round of the stimulus checks. Along with this, the fact sheet that has been derived does not contain any provision on the subject of tax credit either, that is to be provided to the households of the country with a certain amount of income. The concerned senators who had to work on the financial part of the bill eliminated a couple of things. The total amount that was eliminated was 386 billion USD. It was related to the tax credits of clean energy. 

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The politicians belonging to the Republican party gave a statement with regard to the stimulus checks that were distributed until now by the federal government. They claimed that the checks including the child tax credit stimulus check and the unemployment benefits have a very important role to play in the ongoing inflation throughout the country. And currently, all of the politicians belonging to the Republican party are against the distribution of another round of relief payments. But as the rise in the Delta variant infection cases takes place in the country, nothing can be said about the money. In case the economy halts again, it will be imperative for the government to give the payments. 

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