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Stimulus Checks Can Be Availed Until the New Eviction Deadline 

The eviction moratorium that was extended by the federal government after desperate protests provided enough time for the people to seek a share in the amount of the stimulus check. This is beneficial for all those renters who are currently struggling. The new order released by the CDC has extended the ban until the first week of the month of October. However, it does not provide any cover to each and every renter living in the country. It is specially designed to cover those areas where the chances of getting infected with the coronavirus are either substantial or high. 

Stimulus Check Requirements

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, gave a statement with regard to the extension of the eviction moratorium that bought some time for the people to apply for their stimulus checks. She stated that families across the country no longer carry the fear of getting thrown out to the streets. In order to pass the eligibility test for the stimulus checks payments, there must be a minimum of one member in the house who is eligible to receive the unemployment benefits

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Either that or a member has to be able to claim the difficulties through a formal letter. It has to be submitted in writing that the person has lost his/her basic income source owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Either that or the letter has to state that the growing income has made it impossible for the person to pay the house rent.

The people will have to ensure that they somehow prove the fact that they are on the verge of losing their homes. This can be done through rent notice or one of the past-due utilities. And when it comes to meeting the income requirements, they make sure that the income of a person is less than about 80% of the median income of the entire community in the year 2020. Only after meeting these requirements will one be able to receive the stimulus checks.    

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