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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Stimulus Check Bonus Aids Announced For Teachers

Stimulus Checks have been announced for the teachers of America. The pandemic situation affected every sphere of people’s lives. The education sector was no different. With complete lockdown in the schools, teachers found it difficult to thrive. Some of them could not continue their job. Some experienced technical challenges in their profession. The education workers had a real hard time. However, they still ensured the well-being of the educational framework. To acknowledge the hard work of the teachers, a bonus Stimulus Check has been announced. Teachers are expected to benefit largely from it. 

Stimulus Check: States Says “Thank You” To The Teachers

An announcement was made for a bonus payment for the teachers. This was an attempt by the government to thank the teachers. The teachers were praised by the government for their good work and dedication. All the education workers had to change or reschedule their timings. Ensuring a quality education through online mediums required immense hardship. As many as 6 states are paying back the teachers with a “Thank You Check”. 

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California, Georgia, Florida, Texas & Michigan has already announced the plan. The state of California has promised a bonus of 3.5% for the teachers. A $4m funding has been provided for the same. 

Georgia will be providing their teachers with a $1000 Stimulus check. This move was welcomed by the organization of teachers’ welfare in Georgia. Florida has a stipulated fund of $400m. They have decided to send an amount of $1000 to all the teachers in the state. Michigan, Tennessee & Texas all have declared either monetary aid or a pay raise for the teachers. 

Stimulus Checks for the teachers are a welcome announcement. This may not be a prolonged solution.  But the incentives will help to boost up the morale of the teachers in such tough times. 

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