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Stimulus Check Update: Applications Open On Saturday

Back in the month of August, the city leaders of St. Louis signed off on spending more than $135 million in federal stimulus check relief to their residents. The next four months have seen the applications for residents to get a payment of $500 open on the 18th of December. But there are a few requirements that need to be upheld.

First, the applicants need to be a resident of St. Louis, and then confirm that they reside in the city by accessing their address from the city website. Next, applicants should be below 80% of the median income of the area, which comes to under $50,000 for a household of one. The median income for a normal household in the state is $67.9K while a family of eight should be around $89,650.

Stimulus Check Payment In The State of St. Louis 

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Applicants must also show proof that they have lost their income during the pandemic. For this, one needs to provide proof of income, ID, leases, and vehicle registration- which would help them avail their stimulus check amount, if applicable.

The in-person application event will take place at the St. Louis Community College in Forest Park from 10 am to 5 pm for those who would be unable to fill out the application online. Also, an appointment is definitely needed for the in-person application, which can be made by calling 866-948-3742. 

For availing of the stimulus check amount, it is being understood that the appointment will take around 30 minutes. Eligible residents for the amount must be living in St. Louis for around a year, and only a single person per household would be eligible to receive the payment. The Mayor of St. Louis Tishaura Jones has stated that the stimulus payment will help close to 9,300 St. Louis families

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