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Stimulus Check Are Coming Again?

If you’re one of the following types of people, you can get your stimulus check:

  • Someone who doesn’t have a bank account. If your bank is an evil corporation that charges too many fees to use its services, or if something happened to your checking account and it was closed, then the government will send you $900 by mail.
  • Someone who doesn’t have a credit card. The government understands that some people don’t want their identity stolen by hackers and cybercriminals—and so they’re giving away $600 checks as well! (Those are two different groups!)
  • Someone who wants to avoid paying fees when cashing checks at their local bank branch or at other businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies. Banks charge anywhere from $3-$8 per check cashed, depending on where in America it’s done—so getting paid back by the government means avoiding those costs altogether!
  • Someone who wants anything else but what we’ve described above (which would be pretty strange). We think this should cover most situations

    Stimulus Check: Are You Getting Some?

    You’ll also need to make sure that your address is accurate with the IRS; if it isn’t, that could delay or prevent your stimulus check from being sent at all. If there’s an issue with your address, contact them as soon as possible so they can fix it before the checks start going out.

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    The CDC has just announced that they will be sending out $10 million per state as part of their efforts to fight pandemics like COVID-19 and other viruses that have been spreading throughout America since 2017. This makes 2022 one of the best years yet for getting free money from Uncle Sam!

    The CDC estimates that about 350,000 households across America will receive these rebate stimulus checks over the next few weeks; if you live in one of those states (Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts), make sure to sign up by December 31st so that you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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