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Friday, February 3, 2023

Stimulus Check Arriving Next Week; Check Eligibility Criteria

Hawaii, Idaho, Chicago, and Pennsylvania have announced that they will be giving stimulus checks to eligible residents within the coming week. Since the US federal government is no longer distributing relief payments to Americans, several states stepped up by offering stimulus money as one-time stimulus checks for inflation and tax rebates

Stimulus Check For Different States

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a financial crisis and people are still struggling to cope as they are unable to purchase basic things including gas, medicines, and food. West Virginia provided funding for housing to homeowners and many other states have come up with other programs as well. For more details, beneficiaries must check the official website. 

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I: Chicago 

The Chicago 2.0 Resiliency Fund is a collaboration between local non-profit organizations and the city’s administration. Eligible residents will be receiving a stimulus check worth $500. Residents must be over 17 years and can be undocumented residents with at least 300% above the central poverty level. Applications end on 31st December and will be given to 25,500 residents who will be chosen randomly. 

II: Idaho 

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Individuals who filed a tax return in 2020 will receive $300 while joint filers to get $600. The 2022 rebate is worth $75 or 12% of the tax amount, whichever is more. The Tax Commission of Idaho also decided on providing additional stimulus checks. 

III: Pennsylvania 

Homeowners or renters earning under $8,000 will get $650 while those earning $8,001-$15,000 will receive $500. Eligible residents must be under 65 years while widows must be 50 years and disabled residents over 18 years. 

IV: Hawaii 

Residents earning $100,000-$200,000 will get $100 while people earning under $100,000 will receive $300 as a rebate. 31st December is the deadline and residents must have lived in Hawaii over the past 9 months. A one-time payment of $200-$1,050 was delivered over the holidays.

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