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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check Are Needed, Believes 65% Of Americans

The economy of the United States has seen a massive improvement since the beginning of 2021. However, the public remains hopeful for more relief as they do not think the economy is in a favorable condition.

How Much Of The Public Wants More Stimulus Checks?

A poll that was recently conducted claimed that 65% of American residents think that the economy is performing poorly, and thus hoped for further stimulus checks. That leaves 35% thinking that the economy has recovered. In September 2021, 45% had thought that the economy had recovered.

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This sentiment of the public regarding stimulus checks and the economic state corresponds with that at the beginning of the year when vaccines were not yet available widely. Back then, everyone was facing a range of economic and health concerns.

Among the most popular reasons as to why Americans consider the economy to be in poor shape and want another stimulus check is the high inflation. Recently, the prices of almost every commodity have increased from groceries to gas. As a result, numerous Americans are facing difficulties making ends meet, especially without any external relief like another stimulus check.

The Index for Consumer Price increased 5.4% in September, compared to last year. Although it was not unexpected, it further backed up the claims that the daily living costs have increased manifold. To add to the negative mood, 47% of Americans expect the economy to worsen come 2022. Only 30% are optimistic about the economy improving.

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Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate has decreased which is good news for Americans. However, people living on every paycheck who do not have any savings left are still feeling a lot of strain. For now, we can only advise you to think about refinancing mortgages or negotiating larger bills.

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