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Stimulus Check Update: Unemployment Benefits To Expire

The unemployment benefits will be expiring on the 6th of September, leading to appeals for another stimulus check. According to major reports, it has been ascertained that close to 7.5 million Americans would be losing out when the payments are done within a few weeks. Around two dozen states have agreed to withdraw the unemployment benefits keeping the September expiry date in mind.

Interestingly, the relief has already been dealt with in the states of Alaska, Missouri, Iowa, and Mississippi- a few months back. Just a week after that, Nebraska, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming, and West Virginia retired the unemployment benefits. 

Cutting The Cash: Making Way For Stimulus Check

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Several legislators in the states of Ohio, Texas, and Florida had appealed to have the benefits scrapped from the 26th of June. It comes without a shred of doubt that several residents in the states of Montana, Arizona, and Tennessee have been heavily impacted by the cut- leading to appeals for another stimulus check.

Louisiana also decided to end the unemployment benefits package worth $300 on the 31st of July. Fortunately, the courts in the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland, and Indiana decided to stop the state administration from scrapping the relief measures following lawsuits that turned out to be successful. 

There are also several legal challenges that are pending in the states of Florida, Texas, and the like. The other US states have decided to keep the benefits alive till the government-approved expiry date. Currently, both the stimulus check payments and the unemployment packages seem to be an impossibility- even in the face of growing Coronavirus cases. On average, almost 120,000 infections were recorded every day of the previous week. 

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This has led legislators in Congress trying to convince the POTUS to put in some form of monetary relief- if possible, another stimulus check, in light of the spread of the Delta variant. 

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